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ePayPolicy uses WireMock Cloud to remove dependencies on third-party API environments and speed up product development.

Learn how ePayPolicy integrates WireMock to replace limited third-party testing environments with highly configurable, high-availability mock APIs.


Mike Devlin
Head of Engineering, ePayPolicy

ePayPolicy is a payment processor for US-based insurance companies.


ePayPolicy had issues with the limited functionalities of test environments provided by third-parties, which prevented them from delivering production-ready services.


ePayPolicy chose WireMock Cloud to gain granular control over API responses, enabling them to develop robust services that can handle edge cases.


With WireMock Cloud integrated into their development and QA workflows, ePayPolicy increased their release velocity and can thoroughly test new integrations in realistic scenarios.

Shorten development cycles and minimize bug escapes

ePayPolicy is a payment processor for insurance companies, specializing in E&S (Excess & Surplus) use cases. They create payment pages that make it easy for insurance agencies to accept payments. To achieve this, ePayPolicy uses APIs to integrate with over 20 management systems to retrieve invoices and create the customer-facing payment pages. Their product integrates with dozens of management systems to retrieve invoices and create the customer-facing payment pages.


Simulating diverse business scenarios when developing against partner APIs

As ePayPolicy’s services revolve around integrating with third-party management systems, partner APIs play a large part in their development processes. However, the test environments provided often have limited scope and lack flexibility.

To develop a robust product that can address edge cases, ePayPolicy needed a solution that:

  • Gives them more control over development when third-party APIs offer limited testing data or functionality

  • Enables advanced logic such as running a sequence of stateful mock API calls based on responses received

  • Minimizes reliances on external testing environments

“WireMock helps us catch bug escapes and identify defects before the product is released.”

Mike Devlin
Head of Engineering, ePayPolicy

“We needed a tool that provides granular control so we could get back the responses that would fit the criteria of the features we were developing.”

Mike Devlin
Head of Engineering, ePayPolicy

WireMock Cloud becomes an integral part in development and QA workflows

WireMock Cloud is used by development and quality assurance (QA) teams at ePayPolicy. The development team uses WireMock Cloud to accelerate the development process and release new integrations in a shorter time. The QA team works with a set of WireMock endpoints to validate various scenarios that users may run into when deployed in production.

Using WireMock Cloud, ePayPolicy can easily set up test criteria, such as configuring the solution to return 5xx error codes under certain circumstances, or define the ways in which the product behaves when dealing with high response latencies. Unlike other mocking solutions, WireMock Cloud offers advanced features such as response templating and chaining mock API calls. The intuitive point-and-click interface makes it easy for ePayPolicy to set up various scenarios without having to write any code.


Shorter development cycles and less bugs in production

WireMock is an essential part of ePayPolicy’s development ambitions and rapid expansion:

  • By deploying WireMock Cloud, ePayPolicy has shortened their development cycle and is able to minimize the number of bug escapes.

  • With extensive control over API responses, the development team is able to build resilient products that can handle edge cases and unknown errors.

  • The quality assurance team is able to identify problems before the product is deployed in production.

“We really want to move fast, and it is hard to do so without a test environment that can mimic real-world scenarios. WireMock Cloud lets us build a product that can handle all sorts of different scenarios.”

Mike Devlin
Head of Engineering, ePayPolicy
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