API Prototyping

Mock-based prototyping in WireMock Cloud

Simplify the API design process, shorten feedback cycles, and increase collaboration

The Challenge

Designing APIs is often inefficient and slow: complex specs need to be manually written based on murky requirements, details are often poorly defined or documented, and many problems only appear during implementation. This results in slow feedback loops, stalled development, and far too many ‘back to the drawing board’ moments.

The Solution

WireMock Cloud increases developer efficiency and replaces tedious iteration cycles with a collaborative API prototyping and testing environment. Here’s how it works:

  1. Start with a mock API, we’ll do the rest. WireMock Cloud will auto-generate the OpenAPI spec and relevant documentation in a collaborative portal
  2. Continue developing in parallel. When the spec changes - based on ongoing feedback or evolving business requirements - you can easily reflect the changes in the mock.
  3. Go live without a hitch. When the live API is ready, replace a few lines in your code and move to production - safe in the knowledge that your app has been developed and tested against the real API’s expected behaviors.

Increase collaboration and accelerate feedback loops

Ground design discussions in working mock APIs that can be integration-tested
Iterate on specs rapidly based on implementation feedback
Improve governance with better documentation and adherence to OpenAPI standards

Streamline API development   and increase efficiency in your API work

Auto-generate OpenAPI specs and documentation at the earliest stage of your API development process
Manage mocks and specs through a collaborative web UI to increase consistency and transparency
Keep mocks and APIs up to date in your developer portal

Continuously validate your mock API against the OpenAPI spec for simplified contract testing

Get alerts when your mocks receive requests or return responses that conflict the OpenAPI spec
Identify issues and miscommunication earlier in the development lifecycle
Keep your mock APIs close to the real APIs to ensure a seamless transition to production

Automatically keep specs up to date in Git

Integrate with any Git provider to automatically import OpenAPI specs from a repo
Pushes changes made in WireMock back to the repo when you’re ready to update the spec
Leverage a GitOps way of working for API prototyping, designing and mocking

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