Parallel Development

Mock Internal APIs and Microservices

Prevent bottlenecks in your development process by parallelizing development work between API consumers and API developers

The Challenge

When different teams are dependent on unfinished APIs, development grinds (e.g., a front-end team waiting for a back-end API, or an internal team waiting for a partner API).

The Solution

WireMock Cloud keeps your dev organization productive by allowing development to continue around realistic mock APIs that run as a service in your environment. Advanced features such as state management, proxying, and contract testing give you more flexibility to build and test your app in real-world conditions.

Quickly spin up new mocks that run as a hosted service

Build and manage your mocks via the web UI, and scale usage with the WireMock Cloud API
Run WireMock as a hosted service in our Cloud, or on a Kubernetes cluster
Import OpenAPI / Swagger specs to instantly scaffold mock APIs and easily import or automatically generate test data

Remove dependencies and keep every team building and testing

Continue developing API-dependant features with realistic mocks that simulate real-world conditions
Dynamically generating responses based on runtime data and context to test downstream behavior
Keep developers on the same page and identify ‘drift’ from pre-agreed API definitions

Prototype, develop, and test APIs collaboratively to prevent production issues

Test your system end-to-end against realistic mocks for smoother integration
Collaborate on mocks to identify issues with API design or implementation early
Validate system resilience by testing worst-case scenarios including delays, throttling, and errors

Keep your APIs mocks trustworthy with continuous contract testing

Validate your mock’s requests and responses against the OpenAPI definition
Keep your mock APIs reliable when the mocked API changes
Keep developers on the same page and identify ‘drift’ from pre-agreed API definitions

Use Git as the source of truth

Keep teams aligning by using Git to store the canonical version of a spec
Automatically pull changes in to your mocks in WireMock, and use WireMock to push updates to the spec when you’re ready
Leverage a GitOps way of working for API prototyping, designing and mocking

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