Find the WireMock plan that’s right for you.

Our pricing plans are flexible enough to support your dev organization’s needs - whether it’s a handful of mock API calls a month or hundreds of thousands.

$0 Free forever. No credit card required. Individual users, Up to 1,000 API calls a month
Request package, number of users to suit your workload. Special plans for high traffic API calls are available
Team management and collaboration
Permission management
Number of monthly imports
5 imports
Unlimited imports
Mock API availability
Mock APIs sleep after 4 hours
Mock never sleeps
Request rate
10 requests per second rate limit
Number of running APIs
3 APIs
Enterprise SSO
K8s on premise deployment
Chaos Module
Community support
Priority support and SLA


What is a mock API?
A mock API is a dedicated subdomain under hosting a collection of stubs defining the API's behaviour. Typically you would create a mock API for each real API you wish to simulate
Is the free version actually free forever? Does it provide rich functionality?
Yes! We have many users who use the product for free and gets a tremendous value out of it. Most of the functionality is available for free. Team and Enterprise collaboration features will be available in the paid tiers
What happens if I go over the request limit?
If you go over your API requests limit, your mocks will stop running. The quota will be reset at the next cycle (depends on if your cycle is monthly or annually) and you then be able to continue using your mocksYou will be notified ahead of time when you are getting near the quota, so you can contact us to discuss a purchase of a higher package
I need a high number of API calls. How can I buy such a package and is the price linear?
The price per API calls is reduced meaningfully when you purchase a high number of API calls. You should contact us and over a call we will give you the price to the quota
What is considered a user?
A user is someone that has login to the system. User can create, edit mocks, share and collaborate mocks with team members. A user that calls a mock API is not considered WireMock user
Can I share my login details with my team?
According to our TOU, we don’t allow user sharing. Also, if you use the same user to login to the system, you will not be able to separate mocks per user, manage permissions for different users and more. This will limit the value you are getting from the system
What will happen if I go over the rate of the API calls (per second)
In that case your Mock API calls will start to fail. You need to contact us in order to discuss a move to a dedicated hosting.
What is the benefit of dedicated hosting?
Your APIs will run on a virtual machine dedicated to you, meaning you won't share CPU, memory or network capacity with other customers.This means that your APIs' performance will be much more consistent and you're much less likely to experience disruption from other customers' activities.We also don't apply any rate limiting to dedicated instances, making it the ideal choice for performance and high-volume automated functional testing.
How can I pay?
The fastest and easiest way to pay is via credit or debit card. However, we can also accept direct funds transfer for annual plans in a number of currencies. Please get in touch via or the chat widget if you'd like to know more.
Are my payment details secure?
We use Stripe to process all card payments, and your card details will only be seen and stored by Stripe's systems, never WireMock's.