Chaos Engineering

Add Chaos Engineering to your API Testing and Development

Test product reliability in unexpected fault scenarios by incorporating common (and uncommon) errors in your mock APIs

The Challenge

In the real world, APIs can and will fail. Timeouts, network failures, or unexpected error statuses are an everyday occurrence – and your testing and development should reflect this.

The Solution

WireMock Cloud’s Chaos features allow your API mocks to simulate a wide range of unexpected failure scenarios, so you can learn how to build more resilience into your app.

Inject complex failure states into your mocked APIs

Introduce a wide range of random chaos elements and error statuses
Control the percentage and distribution of failures to mimic real-world conditions
See how your app handles fail states that happen in the network layer: invalid HTTP, socket reset, socket close

Run more realistic integration tests

See how your entire environment is impacted by 3rd party API errors or a microservice outage
Avoid disasters in production by identifying show-stopping fault scenarios in testing
Identify and mitigate upstream outages in situations that are likely to occur

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