Replace Your Service Virtualization Solution with WireMock Cloud!

WireMock Cloud delivers a modern service virtualization solution with much lower total cost of ownership. WireMock Cloud transforms overall API developer productivity, virtualizes dependent services, facilitates parallel development, mock based API prototyping, Chaos engineering, and load test.

Many companies want to replace their legacy service virtualization solutions.

Here’s Why:

High License and Maintenance Costs
Complex Feature Overload
Lack of Scalability
Vendor Lock-in and Contractual Terms
Speed Up Your Business

Keep building and testing, even when the APIs you need aren’t ready or stable.

Don’t let API consumers sit idle when they wait for API developers. Easily mock microservices and internal APIs to enable nonstop parallel development and integration testing.

Access to 100+ Templates

Remove dependencies 
on flaky 3rd party APIs 
or unreliable test environments

Start from hundreds of templates, an OpenAPI spec, or record a live endpoint to mock any API you depend on. Change one line of code to go live.

Collaborate for Consistency

Design and prototype APIs in a collaborative portal

Keep everyone on the same page throughout the API development process. Develop against mock APIs that evolve when your spec does.

Test Product Reliability

Stress-test your software with API chaos engineering

Test product reliability in unexpected fault scenarios by incorporating common (and uncommon) errors in your 
mock APIs.

Seamless Onboard Developers

Embed WireMock Cloud in your portal for smoother developer onboarding

Provide reliable, rapid onboarding to customers, partners, and internal developers – with a consistently-great developer experience.

Real World Behaviors

Simulate reality with advanced dynamic state, data sources faults

It’s not enough to mock APIs - you need to mock real world behavior too. WireMock lets you combine external data sources with advanced scenarios and dynamic states, delays, faults and more to create mocks that work the way reality does.

Trusted by over Tens of Thousands of Developers.

“With WireMock Cloud, we built a solution for customers in a matter of a couple of weeks instead of months of development and trial and error.”

“WireMock Cloud has an easy user interface, access controls, and integration with our SSO provider. We can just start using it without the burden and cost of operating the open source."

"I could not deliver at the same velocity and quality without WireMock."