3rd Party API Dependencies

Mock 3rd party APIs with WireMock Cloud

Reduce dependencies on flaky 3rd parties and sandboxes. Ship faster at lower costs with flexible and realistic API mocking.

The Challenge

Modern software development relies on dozens of APIs - and when they’re not available, rate-limited, or unstable, everything grinds to a halt. Even when sandboxes are provided, they are often unreliable or limited when it comes to complex scenarios (negative testing, load testing, and more).

The Solution

WireMock Cloud gives you a simple UI to mock any third-party API with advanced capabilities that help you launch faster, simulate more realistic scenarios, and seamlessly move to production when you’re ready.

Mock any API that exists

Record an external API or define one manually
Start with hundreds of templates of popular APIs and services
Import from Swagger, OpenAPI spec, or a Postman Collection to instantly create a mock

Reliable, collaborative, and enterprise-ready

Manage hundreds of mocks securely with the same technology used at PayPal, Intuit, and IBM
Collaborate and re-use mocks via a simple management UI
Run in our cloud or deploy in Kubernetes

Run realistic tests with advanced mocking capabilities

Use flexible request matching to simulate a wide range of scenarios
Return dynamic responses based on the request with response templating
Simulate faults and unpredictable behavior with Chaos Engineering

Keep your APIs trustworthy with continuous contract testing

Validate your mock’s requests and responses against the OpenAPI definition
Keep your mock APIs reliable when the mocked API changes
Keep developers on the same page and identify ‘drift’ from pre-agreed API definitions

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