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Agibank integrates WireMock Cloud in their development pipeline to quickly roll out production-ready services.

Learn how Agibank uses WireMock Cloud to maintain release velocity while  minimizing reliance on limited 3rd-party APIs.

"I could not deliver at the same velocity and quality without WireMock."

Sergio Rubio
Quality Assurance Specialist, Agibank


Sergio Rubio
Quality Assurance Specialist


Agibank is a Brazilian digital bank that amplifies and simplifies access to banking products such as credit, investments, and insurance.


Reduce reliance on limited 3rd party APIs and dummy data, and have more control over API consumption during development.


Agibank uses WireMock to enhance developer productivity by minimizing reliance on external services, especially in cases where limited testing data is available.


Using WireMock, Agibank can roll out production-ready tools which are thoroughly tested in realistic scenarios. WireMock’s short learning curve makes it easy for developers across the organization to implement in their testing and development pipelines.

Banking and Finance
Mocking 3rd party APIs that provide limited endpoints

Agibank is a digital bank based in Brazil. The company’s mission is to amplify and simplify access to banking products for the Brazilian population.

Agibank’s digital footprint includes 14 online channels where they can offer products such as credit, investments, and insurance.Their technology team consists of 400 people, with 40 engineering squads and supporting teams such as infrastructure, site reliability engineers, and security teams.


Reduce reliance on third party APIs

Agibank integrates with services from Brazilian governmental and non-governmental entities to collect information about customers and potential services.

Some of these organizations offer very limited APIs, which were impeding Agibank’s efforts to create realistic environments during testing and development.

They were looking for a tool that would:

  • Minimize the number of requests made to external resources

  • Give them more control over development when third-party APIs offer limited testing data or functionality

  • Require minimal maintenance and troubleshooting

“I simply could not deliver any sort of new products or services at the same velocity and quality without WireMock”.

Sergio Rubio
Quality Assurance Specialist, Agibank

“What’s awesome is that any person who knows how HTTP requests work can create mocks at any time they want, without any additional training, which means a lot of team members could get involved very
early on.”

Sergio Rubio
Quality Assurance Specialist, Agibank

WireMock enhances developer productivity while reducing reliance on third party services

Agibank uses WireMock Cloud mock APIs to bypass the limitations of 3rd party environments provided by government institutions, such as Caixa and Dataprev. WireMock provides more control over API responses and allows Agibank developers to simulate a broader range of real-world conditions, which helps them build more resilient services.

Agibank chose WireMock Cloud over competitors due to the ease of use and short learning curve, compared to other mocking solutions which were  more difficult to use and manage.


Agibank rolls out production ready tools which are thoroughly tested in realistic scenarios

WireMock is a critical component of Agibank’s product development toolset. It helps them validate that new services are bug-free and working as intended before being deployed in production.

“Without that mock structure here, we do not have an integration test environment. And without this environment, I cannot properly test features or services end to end before they go to production. WireMock helps us get there much faster.”

In the future, Agibank plans to implement additional WireMock Cloud functionality to further mature their mocking platform:

“Since it runs in the cloud, we don’t need to invest in maintenance and infrastructure.”

Sergio Rubio
Quality Assurance Specialist, Agibank
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