How long will MockLab continue to be supported?

MockLab will be supported till July 1st, but no new functionality will be added to the product. After July 1st, 2023 MockLab will be replaced with WireMock Cloud. You will not be able to log in to your MockLab account. We highly recommend migrating soon to WireMock Cloud.

How soon we need to migrate to the new WireMock Cloud ?

If you want to experience the new functionality and additional functionality which we will release in the coming months, then you should migrate right away. Otherwise, Mocklab will still be supported till mid 2023

What will be the migration process?

 See the process below:

  1. Only the account owner (The person that owns the APIs and teams they care about) creates a free user in WireMock Cloud
  2. Contact us (your contact person at WireMock or email to help@wiremock.io if you don’t have a contact person) in order to run the migration
  3. We will migrate the user, APIs, teams etc. and also create users for all the users that were part of this team (assuming they are part of a team defined in your Mocklab account or were invited to collaborate on APIs that are part of the owner account)
  4. If the user already created an account in WireMock Cloud or the user previously registered to Mocklab using google or Github signup, they will be able to login with their previous credentials  and there is no need for any further action. Otherwise, once we migrate the users, they will get an email to reset their password post migration
  5. In case you are on a free account, you will be migrated to the WireMock Team plan 14 days trial account. After the 14 days, if you didn’t buy the team plan, you will be downgraded to the free edition
I am on a free plan - Can I still contact you to migrate my account?

Yes you can. Notice that we will migrate your account to the WireMock Team plan 14 days trial account. After the 14 days, if you didn’t buy the team plan, you will be downgraded to free edition

I am on one of Mocklab paid plans that is not supported any more - How do I migrate?

You should contact us at help@wiremock.io in order to discuss the migration to our team or Enterprise plan

I am on a Mocklab Enterprise plan - how do I migrate?

We will create the same Enterprise plan for you in WireMock Cloud and assist with the migration

Once we migrate, do the URL/endpoints change and will we need to change the way we call the endpoints?

All your existing apis and stubs will be migrated to WireMock Cloud, so the paths will remain the same. However, the domain names will change - so for instance myapi.mocklab.io will become myapi.wiremockapi.cloud. In every place that calls the Mocklab mocks, you will need to change it to call the WireMock Cloud mocks URL. Notice that the API ID itself (which is part of the mock URL will stay the same), so for example p0k4x.mocklab.io would become p0k4x.wiremockapi.cloud. What is means that that you can search in your code for “mocklab.io” and replace all with “wiremockapi.cloud” (which will make the migration process to an easier one)

If you have a very large amount of APIs and APIs calls and have challenges with this process, please contact us and our engineering team will help on a case by case.

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