Introducing Git Integration for Seamless API Mocking and Prototyping with WireMock Cloud

Ethan Jones
Head of Product
March 25, 2024

We're excited to announce a powerful new integration in WireMock Cloud that will streamline your API mocking and prototyping workflows - bidirectional Git synchronization for your OpenAPI specifications.

Working with OpenAPI definitions is a key part of modern API design. By keeping the mocks from your API prototyping and your mock servers automatically synchronized with the latest spec from your Git repository, you can make sure the spec stays up to date easily, and inversely that changes made from outside of WireMock are automatically pulled in.

Bidirectional Synchronization: The Heart of Workflow Integration

Our new Git integration allows for bidirectional synchronization of your mock API's OpenAPI spec. This means you can both pull your spec from Git into WireMock Cloud and push updates from WireMock Cloud back to Git. It's a seamless bridge between your API design and testing environments, ensuring your stubs are always up to date without the hassle of manual updates.

How It Works

Setting up is straightforward. Simply navigate to the Settings tab of the OpenAPI page in WireMock Cloud, and enable synchronization within the Git repository settings section. 

You'll need to provide the SSH address of your Git repository and specify the path to the OpenAPI document. Once configured, an SSH public key is generated for you to add to your Git repository, securing your connection and data flow.

The Benefits of Git Integration

  • Seamless Spec Updates Never manually copy an OpenAPI spec into WireMock Cloud again. With the new Git sync, your spec is automatically pulled into WireMock Cloud from your configured Git repo with a single click. As you iterate on the spec, push updates straight from WireMock Cloud to Git.
  • Prototype in WireMock, Commit to Git Start prototyping and designing your API specs visually in the intuitive WireMock Cloud interface. When ready, push your updates directly to the spec file in your Git repo - no need to switch contexts.
  • Maintain Spec Consistency By keeping your prototyped mocks and committed OpenAPI spec in sync, you prevent drift between your contract tests, documentation, and the actual implementation. Boost confidence through a single source of truth.
  • Streamlined Workflows With bidirectional sync to any Git repo of your choice (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, etc.), WireMock Cloud flexibly fits into your existing API design and development processes.

  • Easily apply your existing OpenAPI-based workflows to your generated specs - publish via API gateways, generate documentation, apply linting and governance rules, or run contract test suites.

Sync When You Need

While the synchronization feature ensures your OpenAPI document and WireMock Cloud are in harmony, the platform still allows for independent updates. This flexibility means you can make quick edits directly in WireMock Cloud without disrupting your Git workflow, with changes only syncing upon manual pull or push actions.

Embrace the Future of API Mocking and Prototyping

This new Git integration represents our commitment to providing tools that not only meet the needs of modern software development teams but also enhance and streamline their workflows. By bridging the gap between your Git repositories and WireMock Cloud, we're enabling a more integrated, efficient, and collaborative approach to API design and testing.

It's not just about making work easier—it's about making your innovations come to life faster and more reliably.


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