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Oleg Nenashev
Developer Advocate and Community Builder
September 26, 2023

Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of open source software which happens as a global online hackfest. As the official website states, “Hacktoberfest has grown from 676 participants in 2014 to nearly 147,000 participants last year”, and it is surely the most massive open source hackathon. The 2023 edition is presented by DigitalOcean, ILLA Cloud, and AppWrite.

This October, the WireMock project will participate in the 10th edition of this worldwide event! Everyone can support open source by contributing changes. All contributors will receive special digital awards, and we are also happy to offer T-shirts and special swag to the most active contributors to the WireMock open source ecosystem!

Get Started

  1. Sign-up to Hacktoberfest on the event website
  2. Join the WireMock Community Slack and the `#help-contributing` channel there. We will be using it for coordination and announcements
  3. IMPORTANT: Fill in the WireMock registration form to participate in the swag raffle or if you contribute to the repositories outside our GitHub org
  4. Check out the WireMock contributing guidelines and look for the linked issues
  5. Join us for the opening webinar on October 2nd, or watch the recording!


Regardless of your expertise and time you can dedicate, there’re opportunities to participate and help the project! You can help make WireMock a better tool and community in a number of ways, Basically, anything -as-code counts if submitted via a pull request: contribute new features, bug fixes or enhancements; adopt WireMock in your projects; write or improve documentation; publish new mock API templates; create new demos; improve WireMock user and developer experience, create cool artwork, and anything else!

For code contributions, here is a brief list of languages and technologies we have: Java, Kotlin, Python, Golang, Rust, Docker, Kubernetes, REST API, GraphQL, gRPC, Markdown, JUnit, Gradle, Maven, GitHub Actions, JSON, YAML. In fact, there are a lot more technologies within the WireMock Ecosystem 

We will also consider non-code contributions like helping users and contributors, doing code reviews, creating blog posts, etc. created during the event. Make sure to share these contributions on social media or the #help-contributing channel so that we do not miss them.

Where to contribute?

As a part of this event, the following components are in our scope:

  • All projects in the official WireMock organization on GitHub
  • Projects within the WireMock Ecosystem  marked with a “hacktoberfest” topic by their maintainers
  • Personal projects related to WireMock: WireMock usages in open source projects, demos, tutorials, etc.

For projects outside the official GitHub organization, our team cannot manage pull request labels or discover the contributors easily. Make sure to report those contributions in the #help-contributing channel or in the GitHub form.

Get WireMock Swag!

The WireMock Inc, a key contributor to WireMock and a vendor of WireMock Cloud, will be sponsoring stickers, T-Shirts and other swag to a few dozens of the most active contributors. The team will judge contributions not only by the number, but also by the quality and value for the WireMock ecosystem and its end users. Make sure to sign-up using this form!

Examples of the swag we plan to distribute, worn by the proud WireMock engineering team!

WireMock engineering team (and Uri Maoz) in the WireMock T-shirts

Code of Conduct

Hacktoberfest in WireMock is a community event. All participants, as well as any other community members, are expected to follow our Code of Conduct, based on Contributor Covenant v.2.1. Please be kind!


See for all guidelines and references to contributing guidelines. The detailed contributor guidelines are available here: . Join us this October!


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