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WireMock Cloud optimizes developer productivity in an API dependent environment. It addresses challenges arising from the growth of Microservices, API-first architecture, and increased usage of 3rd party APIs.

By allowing developers to mock and virtualize APIs they depend on, WireMock Cloud empowers teams to reduce dependencies, thereby improving development productivity, facilitating parallel development, and accelerating time to market.

WireMock provides open-source software that is widely utilized in the market, along with WireMock Cloud.

Don’t let API dependencies slow you down! Mock the APIs you depend on with WireMock Cloud:

  • Reduce dependencies on flaky 3rd party APIs by mocking your external dependencies.
  • Enable parallel development by mocking APIs that are not implemented yet.
  • Improve the customer onboarding experience by embedding API mocks in your developer portal.
  • Simplify the API design process by using mock based API prototyping
  • Increase application resiliency by using mock based Chaos module.

WireMock apidays NYC happenings:

  • Happy Hour @ The Dawson, Tuesday, April, 30, 2024 at 6 pm et (2 minute walk from conference) - Invitation required (visit our booth to receive your invitation)
  • Session with Tom Akehurst, WireMock CTO and Co-Founder: Prototype-First - a Modern API Development Workflow
  • 1:1 meetings and demos with WireMock Experts
  • Request a free Pass to apidays NYC!

Let’s Meet!

Meet the WireMock Team

Uri Maoz
CEO and Co-Founder
Tom Akehurst
CTO and Co-Founder
Dan Perovich
Enterprise Sales Engineer
Ethan Jones
Head of Product
Monica McDermott
Head of Marketing

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