Flaky 3rd party and incomplete APIs create unstable environments.
Accelerate releases by mocking the APIs you depend on.

Your API dependencies are slowing you down

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Build and test when the APIs you need aren't ready or stable

Stable development against unstable 3rd party APIs

Simulate edge cases, faults, and high load

Eliminate unexpected performance testing bills

What WireMock Cloud customers are saying

“WireMock Cloud has helped us to cut development time by one month for every delivery”

Mike Devlin

Head of Engineering, ePay

WireMock Cloud offers a hosted WireMock experience

Wiremock is the #1 open-source API mocking framework


Stars on Github


Stars on Github


Stars on Github

Java version compatibility
Original release date
Latest release (Sep 2023)
Async API style(s)
Multipart / file upload
Transparent content compression

All the features you need for powerful, flexible API mocking

Built on WireMock, the #1 open-source API mocking framework. WireMock Cloud offers a hosted experience including a self-service UI, enterprise support, and unlimited scale.

Manual and automated testing

Craft your simulation using the friendly, no-code UI or go fully automated with the 100% WireMock-compatible API.

Swagger support

Import your Swagger definitions to generate mock APIs automatically, directly with Swaggerhub via webhooks.

Error and Load Testing

Test your app to destruction with high load or by injecting delays, dropped connections, drip-drip responses and corrupt HTTP payloads.

Record and playback

Capture traffic to another API, then play it back from WireMock Cloud.

Response templating

Dynamically render responses using the templating language.

Stateful scenarios

Simulate real world application behavior with dynamic test states that let you easily simulate complex interactions and scenarios.

Ready to accelerate your development flow?

Shorter release cycles, more predictable schedules and fewer defects in production.

*Free forever. No credit card needed